A couple of months ago I got an e-mail from Sam Boush at Mystery and Suspense Magazine. He saw my new book Poets and Philosophers, and asked if I would write a feature article for their magazine. I agreed and sat down and wrote an article titled 'Anatomy of a Crime Noir'. I sort of forgot that I even wrote it, and he sent me an e-mail today telling me that it made the front page of this month's edition of the magazine:


I released Poets and Philosophers on Monday Sept. 13, 2021. On Wednesday I placed an ad with Amazon, on Thursday the book was BANNED. (Well, not really banned from selling it on Amazon, they just banned me from advertising due to the disturbing nature of the cover. But, at the time I thought this is great since it's every authors dream to be banned because that means you're stirring things up a little too much for the establishment elite rulers. If only I could be banned by an entire country...)
This is my 12th book. I started writing it in January 2021. It's about a Black cop and a White cop and a crime to solve.


During March & April 2021 I wrote a 3 book series Hunt for the Wild, and published them in May 2021. Set in Hawaii, written for middle school, young adult and young at heart, five friends in the fourth grade adventure around the jungle filled valleys around their little town.


Quick Read was released on August 18, 2020. This is book #3 of the Badger Thompson series.
Legend of the Broken Paddle was released on September 25, 2020
8 books so far.  3 Crime novels,  2 Action/Adventures, 1 ROM/COM, 1 Sports/Comedy, and 1 Science Fiction.
Now, during the pandemic I transformed 2 feature length screenplays that I wrote ten years ago into ROM/COMS romantic adventure comedies. One is Legend of the Broken Paddle which is a super fun read. The other I'm working on, and hope to publish at the end of October.
Both are set in Hawaii :)