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Legend of the Broken Paddle

An adventurer down on his luck. A beautiful movie star looking for a simpler life.
A secret waterfall in Hawaii. Two paths that cross.
Ashley Pepper is one of the hottest movie stars in Hollywood.
While filming in Hawaii she wanders off and gets lost deep in the jungle.
Thomas O’Malley is a kind-hearted outdoorsman working on the river
near the spot where she disappeared. Using high tech equipment, every first responder on the island is scrambling to find Ashley.
With a hurricane headed their way, and no sign of the super star, time is running out.
O’Malley, with his knowledge of the back country, decides to ‘take a look around’ to see if he can find her trail. Both are injured on the same slippery slope, and now their only way out is by navigating down a wild stream while a storm rages around, and within them.

Quick Read
Badger Thompson Book #3

Someone stole something from a research facility in Palo Alto. Something that makes people do things they wouldn't normally do. The CIA enlists Badger to help them find the device, but there's a conspiracy in the agency, a mole who's teamed up with a ruthless black ops security firm who want to use the device for their own agenda. With his innate ability as a tracker, Badger goes underground and peels back the layers of deceit, revealing a conspiracy that could trigger a nuclear war. From San Francisco to Washington to Tehran, take a tumultuous ride to an explosive ending.

The Catalina Cabal  
Badger Thompson Book #2

A peaceful sail around Catalina Island off the gold coast of California takes an ugly turn as a professional bodyguard gets dragged into the middle of a violent human smuggling ring.
Badger Thompson finds the body of a young Chinese woman floating in the ocean. Stuffed in her life jacket is a large wad of cash, a fake ID, and the body goes unclaimed. He knows he should just walk away and leave it to the authorities, but it’s not in his nature, and when he keeps digging deeper at the mystery it sets off a chain reaction that brings him to the center of the storm, and a conspiracy that should have stayed secret.

Edge of the Pit  
Badger Thompson Book #1

Badger Thompson works for a protection agency. Their clients are the richest people in the country and they pay a lot of money to stay alive. He works on the outer perimeter of a security team and is one of the best in the business.
It was a standard operation, a bread and butter job, get a client from one point to another and back again. Badger works the perimeter as always, and the client is a beautiful young singer, a rising star who is going to a nightclub in the gritty belly of the city after midnight. Everything is going smooth until the convoy is ambushed, and Badger wakes up in the hospital with no memory of what happened.
Everyone else in the convoy is dead, the singer is missing, and Badger is a prime suspect. The agency is in trouble, more ruthless than the mob, and they’ll get answers out of him using any means necessary, if they can only get their hands on him. He is on the run from the agency, the kidnappers, and the police, and he has to find the girl, or die trying.

Exodus From Orion

Bob’s having a bad day.  Dumped by his girlfriend, fired from his job, evicted from his apartment, and beaten by an old lady in a bar, things couldn’t possibly get worse.

But when he travels high into the Sierra Mountains to get away from his troubles, he hears a voice coming from a star hundreds of light years away. What happens next could determine the future of life on Earth, and the fate of humanity itself.  Six hundred and fifty light years from Earth, Reva is a beautiful alien on a planet in the constellation Orion.  Her gentle race of Human-like people lived an idyllic life until the nearby star Betelgeuse exploded into a super-nova five hundred years ago.  They survived the initial blast of gamma rays, but now the shockwave and nebula cloud of radioactive debris is nearly upon them, which will burn up their atmosphere and destroy their planet.  With Bob’s permission and in a leap of faith Reva transports herself through a single pure thought to Earth, and now after two days of traveling through the Sierra Mountains and getting to know Bob and the world he lives in, she’s ready to bring over as many of her people as she can, while there’s still time.

The Oil Eater

Scientific research can be a killer...
Bio-remediation is the use of living organisms, such as plants or bacteria, to neutralize or eliminate contaminants in polluted soil or water.
When two young microbiologists team up to create a bacteria strain to re-mediate oil spills, they create a microbe that is a little too powerful, and attract the attention of a middle east oil cartel who will stop at nothing to destroy them, and the bug that threatens to put them all out of business.

Blocking Paris

Sports Comedy
While most of the working world struggles to make ends meet, four friends play match golf, every day...
When one of the friends announces that he's going to propose marriage to his girlfriend in Paris over the weekend, the others all realize that their game will soon be coming to an end.

The Lords of Xibalba

Charlie is suddenly orphaned at seventeen. Losing the will to finish high school, he sets off on a journey to Central America to follow in the footsteps of his parents and an adventure they had taken long before he was born.
Two worlds collide as the young American travels south to the ancient Mayan ruins in the Petén, the jungle shrouded interior of Guatemala.
Here, the military rules with an iron fist, and he joins a native tribe in their struggle against all odds to survive.